Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Looking for a space and suddenly reminded that I still have this space which I called mine.
A space to jot down memories and important milestones just for me to read.
Into the fourth month of year 2017. How have things been going?

For most of Feb and March, I am away for work trip and I must say that these business trips make me appreciate things even more. I missed my 2 precious ones and Skype with them almost everyday.
I couldn't have been more loved by him. Picking me up from airport, helping me unpack my luggage, wash all the laundry, hang, dry and keep them and taking good care of the little one. What more could I have asked for? This is all done automatically, there isn't even a need for me to ask for help at all.

LX turned 18 months. Getting more and more independent each day. She doesn't really speak much, guess she is a little slow in her speech. She loves to eat a lot and every time her papa is eating she will lean over to him hoping that he will share a little bit of it with her. Too cute. Missing her a lot whenever I am working.

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