Thursday, April 21, 2016

6 month old.


 To my sweet little daughter at 6 months and 19 days.

You have 2 little teeth at the bottom.
You grab hold on the railing of the cot with knee bend. 
You are crawling everywhere in the house.
You likes to eat mash potato and blue berry stars. 
You still love your milk milk and when you are very sleepy you want mama to latch u to sleep. 
Your eyes met mine and is a magical moment that we shared. 
This feeling is indescribable.  
You don't like to take jab like mama cause is pain pain.
You love being in a bath tub both with and without water.
You love swimming and you can't stop smiling when you are in the heated pool.
Your smile is infectious that it warms our heart. 
 we love you.

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