Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Birth Story - Le Xin

39 weeks and 1 day. Back to gynae for daily checkup and was induced at 12pm (1st Oct). We were told to head back home and only admit at 12am (2nd Oct) to save 1 day of hospital fee. Happily went to enjoy my last meal before confinement starts and I will be stuck at home for a month. We had Sushi Tei and drank Starbucks! The contractions pain come and goes between the time before I admitted and I decided to just endure till 12am. Upon checking in, I am only 1cm dilated when checked. The process of checking dilation is Super painful, I'm just going through motion at that time. The nurse passed me the robe to change and after a while inserted a tube to allow the body to pass out all the waste while Sbd went to do the admission. I was left alone there till they moved me into the delivery labor room.

2.30am - Nurses came in every few hours to check on me and asked if I need epidural. I was debating inside of me thinking if I should before the pain kicks in but decided to endure till 8am. To add on, I am still 1cm dilated! The process of checking dilation is painful thou bearable.

8am - A nurse came in and wanted to put me on drip to fasten up the dilation. She tried poking the needle into my veins but failed! She commented that my veins are too small. It was so painful!  But i got no choice but to tell her is ok... We waited for the epidural anesthetic to come in to inject epidural and she helped to drew blood out as i opted in to donate my blood cord away. At this point I was regretting my decision to do so! They had to draw 3 bottles of blood but it was still ok since the anesthetic is really good. It was not as painful as i thought it would be.

8.30am - My gynae came in and checked that I am still 1cm dilated and she proceeded to break the water bag and continue with the waiting process with the drip. She showed me that the water in the waterbag is clear which means baby did not poo poo inside.

10.45am - Eating breakfast while waiting..

12pm - Baby heartbeat dropped and all the nurses came in asked me to breath the oxygen mask. They also put the urine thingy. When all this is happening. Sbd is no where to be found.. He went home to bath and missed this whole drama. I cried badly!

2pm - Restarted the drip and continue waiting. It is 3cm dilated.

4.15pm - Heartbeat dropped again. Have to breath the oxygen mask again!

5.30pm - Gynae came in to check and I am 5cm dilated and she couldn't figure out why Suggested that i go for emergency c-sec. At that point, tears roll down again but I know that this is the best for the baby and me since she doesn't like the drip.

So I went ahead for c sec and baby came out at 6.48pm! The whole process till baby out only took 5 mins! I was so touched that once I see and carry her in my arms I cried .. couldn't contain myself at all. she was bought away to clean up and take measurement and weight with the daddy. i was put to sleep while they stitched me up cause i wanted to throw up badly but there is nothing coming out of me. When I am awake I rem the doctor and nurses congrats to me and push me out of the operating theater. I felt the pain when they shifted me to the normal ward room. At the moment I wished I can sleep as long as I want without feeling the pain.

So here you are:
Name: Seng Le Xin Liya
Height: 49cm
Weight: 2.97kg

hello world!
this is the 3rd photo your daddy took for you.
first 2 are just too bloody. haha

 the very first photo I took together with my little love.

the very first family photo.
your mum crying in joy of tears.
can't believe that you are in my arms.

Taken away along with Daddy to take all the measurements.

Looking back to these pictures make me misses the tiny you.
Thank you for coming into our world and these are our very FIRST moments together.
We love you :)

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